Jersey Boys Las Vegas

Voices of Joy: Testimonials from Fans of Jersey Boys Las Vegas

  • The singing, the acting, the storyline... all were fabulous. Made you want to sing along. Great great!!!!

    Kevin L.
  • This was the first time we have seen the Jersey Boys. This was a great show. Great Music and acting.

    Shelley M.
  • Wonderful show!!! The performance and music was absolutely incredible!

    Elda R.
  • Watched Jersey Boys in Vegas and came home and watched them in London. Whilst the show in London was amazing, Vegas topped it by a country mile. Fabulous show!!!!!

    Ali S.
  • Second time I have been to this show, and it was even better the second time around. A must see! Great for couples or friends!

  • So glad we were there to see this performance. The music was fun and the whole evening enjoyable. Nice to see Frankie himself on stage for a bow at the end. Great evening.

    Beth D.
  • We saw Jersey Boys the first night in Vegas. What a great way to start off the trip! The singing, dancing, and overall performances were great. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone visiting Vegas!

    Kelly P.
  • I would definitely recommend Jersey Boys. After seeing the Las Vegas production, I came home watched the movie and bought the cd. Acting and singing were superb!

    Angela Z.
  • Amazing talent in this show! Amazing music and a great story to entertain you. I loved this production and thought it was well worth the money. I highly recommend seeing this if you get the chance.

    Emily B.
  • In the past 5 years I have seen this show 5 times. The storyline is in depth and keeps you involved like a good mystery book. The story about the 4 Seasons is pretty incredible. The music is freaking awesome! They sound identical to Frankie Valie and the 4 Seasons. The music gives me goose bumps. You can't go wrong attending this show at a world class hotel!

  • Fun show, guy who played Frankie Valli had an outstanding voice, whole set up was great. Fantastic show. Don't miss out.

    Maggie W.
  • Jersey Boys was even better than anticipated. It was full of energy and the story behind the music was touching. The voices were remarkable, particularly the Frankie Valli actor. I highly recommend this show for a fun night out with great music and terrific entertainment value.

  • What a fantastic show and experience watching Jersey Boys in Las Vegas. Great music and a wonderful evening's entertainment!

    Robert B.
  • My husband and I really enjoyed the show. The show told the story of the Four Seasons with Frankie Valli from the beginning. The singing was exceptional and the time went by very fast. Highly recommend this show.

    Jean R.
  • Great show. Took me back to the 50s and the wonderful music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Must see.
    Richard C.
  • This show is worth every penny. Great show would absolutely do it again 😆 Music was great just like the movie!

  • Music and storyline were great. Performers top of the line Broadway quality with fantastic voices. It was a great blast from the past with me singing in my head all the familiar Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons songs.
    Terri K.
  • Great story told through acting and singing. Not a bad seat in the house. The performers wee great and very entertaining. A must see!
    Jennifer W.
  • We were so entertained by the music, dancing, and acting of this show - we almost didn't realize it was over. Then we didn't want it to be over. What a great job they did!
    Denise R.
  • Love the music and who knew Frankie Vallie story was so intriguing?!? Good stuff, go! You'll enjoy it and find yourself singing along and dancing in your seat. 😀
  • One of the best shows I've seen! So good! Recommended for everyone! Whether you remember Franki Vali and the Four Seasons or not you will enjoy this show.
    Sherry N.
  • Incredible show, great actors and a stage crew that worked their socks off! Top class!
    Niamh K.
  • Show was awesome incredible energy, laughs like crazy, great story!
    William D.
  • Fantastic show, really captures the Jersey Boys well, and tells their story.
    Sal D.
  • Not only is this my favorite show in Vegas, it is my favorite I've seen anywhere (and I've been to Broadway several times). Great story and the music is phenomenal. Don't miss it!
  • When we knew we were going to vacation in Las Vegas we immediately bought tickets to see Jersey Boys. My wife and I loved the movie, but the live performance is so much better. It was worth the trip to Vegas to see this show!
    Josh M.
  • Didn't know much about the story but really enjoyed the format and music - always good to learn a little something while being entertained - thought performers were excellent.
    Lynne J.
  • Have seen several times and never disappoints! Great music for all generations! Ages ranged from 23 to 63 year old in our group and everyone just loved it! Not a bad seat in the house no matter where you sit.

  • Phenomenal. I've seen many Broadway shows and this topped them all. I love the combination of music, humor and sarcasm. The cast was incredible and were awarded by a standing ovation at the end of the evening not to mention the few phases throughout the show where they had to wait to the crowd to quiet down so they could continue. bravo! This is a must see!
    Lori K.
  • It was a great show! I took individuals with Autism to the show and the staff were very accommodating. We all loved the show, we were all singing along and clapping to the music. Definitely go see it before it closes!
    Jonathan D.
  • Best Show...Highly recommend everyone to see this, you will come out singing.
    Emma H.
  • What can I say? I laughed. I cried. I sang along. It was wonderful!
    Kawen P.
  • Can't put into words how great that was. Absolutely incredible. Loved it.
    Lou Z.
  • What a great show! My wife & I really enjoyed the show. It was musical walk down our teenage years. The Four Seasons were so popular then. It was great to learn the history of the group and the conflict within the group. But most of all it was great to hear the music. The person who played Frankie Valli had the voice right on spot. If you closed your eyes, you would think it was the real Frankie Valli singing. It was so good I would go again (very much not like me to go twice). When in Vegas go to this show!
    Charles H.
  • We really enjoyed this show and there was a wide age range in the audience. The music is classic. The story of the band is interesting and glad to have learned about it. The actors were wonderful and very talented. Would definitely recommend and enjoy watching again.
  • Amazing performances, the music of my childhood! A must see if you are in town!
    Maria R.
  • Amazing and so very entertaining!! I would see it again in a heartbeat.
    Stefanie R.
  • Took my daughter to the show tonight. It could not have been better. I didn't want it to end!!!
    Chris M.
  • Jersey boys exceeded all expectations! The casts performances were truly remarkable, leaving me in awe of their talent. The seamless combination of singing, dancing, and live instrument playing was a pleasant surprise. The stage production was equally impressive, clearly taken directly from Broadway. The show skillfully takes you through the captivating journey of Frankie Valli and the transformation of the four seasons. The storytelling was exceptional, and by the end of it, the entire audience was caught up in the joy of singing and dancing. Must see experience.

    Torrey F.
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